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Living in harmony
is just one step away

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Meet Edu!

I was an Engineer, now I help people and projects find their direction by bringing them closer to nature's way.

My tools include regenerative land management, permaculture design, yoga, somatics, holistic mentorship and project management.

What can I do for you?

Design & Consultancy

Whether you own land or you need help to put ideas or people together, I am here to support you!

I hold three Engineering degrees and experience learning with experts from different fields of regeneration. Let's regenerate together!


Workshops & Retreats

From learning strategies for regeneration to practicing yoga and tuning to nature's rhythms. My courses and retreats have a place for everyone.

Come practice and learn with me!

1:1 Mentoring Sessions

Do you seek personal change but don't know where to start from? Do you feel lost in the burden of your own dreams?
I was an engineer working a 9-5 office job and changed my life to live up to my dreams every day. Together, we can turn your dreams into reality!


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What People Say

"Your research gave us a fresh perspective on how to better understand the challenges facing us, and, more importantly, provided us additional approaches for solution"

James Leatherwood

(Principal Advisor for Enterprise Protection at NASA)

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