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About me

For the first years of my life, I grew up on a farm in the outskirts of Rome in Italy. I used to spend my days climbing trees and observing the patterns of animals and plants. Most of our food came from the land and I could watch my grandfather transforming gifts of the land into nourishment for our family.

When I moved to the city, our food suddenly came from the shop and I knew then that my mission was to go back to the land, embodying the role of my grandfather for the healthy growth of the future generations. Somewhere along the way things shifted, and what was first a personal desire became a global necessity to re-discover a lost connection to the web of life. My dream then became a mission to support humans in this wonderful journey.

After earning three degrees as a Mechanical Engineer, I was determined to use my knowledge to bring positive change in the world. For this reason, I decided to become an academic researcher developing airborne wind energy systems. Feeling detached from what was happening outside of my research bubble, I felt a need to "live the solutions" I was developing and I have set off on a journey of self-discovery, to understand how to be of service to the planet. This journey brought me around the world, getting lost and finding myself again to learn who I am and who I want to be. The answer was always the same, going back to the land.

During my journey I have visited more than 20 countries, working with several ecovillages, institutes, Yoga retreats and renown teachers. I have gathered extensive knowledge as a Permaculture Designer, facilitating the creation of many regenerative projects including CSAs, intentional communities, institutes and agricultural organisations as well as Permaculture Design Courses. Moreover, I have worked extensively on self and spiritual growth, participating in many retreats and connecting to a regular practice of self discovery and growth. From this space, I have offered several transformative experiences for individuals and groups.

My philosophy

My work stems out from the understanding that we humans have co-evolved with plants, animals and all living and non-living beings on this Universe. We are mirrors of everything that is around us, thus it is in our perceived disconnection from the natural world that resides the very source of our environmental crisis. For this reason, I aim at creating wholistic ecosystems where we can re-connect to that lost sense of being part of this magnificent web of life.

We have fragmented reality through science so much that we became unable to work within the big picture, understanding that nothing exists in isolation with what surrounds it. I offer solutions and experiences that sustain a regenerative culture, nourishing every individual on a deep level and the connections between us all for many generations to come.

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