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Design & Consultancy

Why choose me?

Worldwide Experience

I have visited more than 20 countries, working in different realities ranging from research institutes, ecovillages, universities, regenerative agriculture organisations, urban and rural projects

Driven by sustainability

The world sustainability is often mis-used today, but my goal is to create solutions that can sustain themselves over time. This means that every design is specific to the people, the location and the ecology that it needs to support

Holistic approach

My approach goes beyond technical solutions. I integrate principles of Permaculture, engineering, regenerative living and land use to offer solutions that nourish all aspects of life

Qualified expertise

My qualifications include:

- Three degrees as a mechanical engineer

- Diploma of Permaculture @ Gaia University (in progress)

- Gardening Masterclass @ Koanga Institute

Professional Service

I am committed to delivering high quality work and I will always chose the most efficient way to make your dreams come true 

Download my full CV here 

What can I do for you?

Just spent a beautiful day visiting the
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Food Production & Food Forests

Did you know we can mimic the behaviour of natural forests to create ecosystems that produce nutrient-dense food? This is nothing like what you find in supermarket, not even the organic ones! It is proven that freshly picked, properly managed food has far more health benefits that anything you find in shops! Moreover, food produced in this way actually regenerates the environment, building topsoil and healthy relationships between plants, animals and organisms! 

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Animal Management

Animals don't have to be detrimental for the environment. Like in a natural forests, animals can contribute to the establishment and maintenance of a productive ecosystem. By reproducing the conditions where they would have lived wildly, we ensure that they are healthy and can bring full benefit to the land.
Needless to say that the advantages of holisticly managed animals are not only for the land, as your food will be extra nutritious and healthy!

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Water management

There is an abundance of water, we just need to understand how to properly catch it and use it!

Through solutions like landscape design and rainwater catchment you will be able to replenish your aquifers and have all the water you need. Moreover, I design closed loop systems for the re-use of wastewater. After all, there is no such a thing as waste where things are in the right place, right? 

Compost toilet mission accomplished!! Ev

Appropriate Technology

Technology can support you to create a fully self-sufficient and regenerative environment. Wether you need energy, resource management, heating or compost toilets, I offer support to design the most suitable systems for your situation! 

Screenshot 2020-05-25 at 17.23.34.png
Sociocracy meeting to organize the first

Project Management

Do you have an idea or a dream but you don't really know how to transform it into a reality? Do you need help to get a clear picture of what actually is that you are dreaming of? 

This can be the most challenging part of any project and it is essential to build solid foundations for it to flourish. I am available to facilitate individuals or groups! 


Community Building

Managing ideas can be difficult, especially when we have to relate to other people with their own life stories. I have personally facilitated communication, conflict resolution and group dynamics in several projects around the world and I am ready to help you!

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