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"We are not the intelligent ones, we are part of the intelligent system of Life"
Ernst Götsch


Why choose me?

  • Worldwide Experience - I have worked and learned in over 20 countries

  • Holistic Approach - My work goes way beyond technical solutions and always integrates people's wellbeing

  • Qualified Experience - I own 3 Engineering degrees and several certifications earned with some of the best teachers around.

  • Driven by passion - This is not my job, it's my life purpose!

How can I help you?

Agroforestry & Food

  • Small-scale food forests 

  • Commercial agroforestry systems 

  • Market gardens

  • Family-scale vegetable gardens

  • Reforestation

  • Syntropic farming

Here are some of the benefits of these systems:

  • Increased water retention in your soil

  • No soil erosion

  • Less or no irrigation needed

  • No chemicals

  • Easy to maintain 

  • Adapted to your needs and your site

Water & Earthworks

  • Grey water systems

  • Erosion prevention

  • Dams

  • Infiltration basins and ponds

  • Aquaculture

  • Rainwater catchment

Why do you need these systems? 

To prevent or mitigate the effect of droughts and floods by stopping soil erosion and replenishing the underground aquifers. Wherever water runs on the surface, we must slow it down and infiltrate it!

Project Management

  • Full permaculture designs

  • Community Dynamics

  • Decision making & Governance

  • Conflict resolution

  • Defining your foundational vision

  • Business plans

  • Purchasing property

  • Market research

  • Brainstorming sessions

Turning ideas into reality can be challenging. We don't see them, but these elements are the most important part of every project! I am ready to help you work on your invisible structures in the best way possible.

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