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The better world you dream of exists when we come together


I am available to offer a variety of courses and  experiences focused on permaculture and regenerative living, yoga, earth-based spirituality and surfing.

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What can you call me for?


My retreats and Immersions are a real opportunity to dive deep into yourself to develop tools to live authentically every day.

I integrate a variety of experiences that include yoga, meditation, somatics, deep ecology, 1:1 sessions, personal development workshops, surfing, off-grid living and rewilding.

If you are looking for a way to express your truest nature, join me today!


My experience accounts for 20+ Permaculture Design Courses and more specialised courses!

Here are some examples of courses I can teach:

  • Permaculture Design Courses

  • Agroforestry and Food Production

  • Water Management

  • Natural Building

  • Social Permaculture & Group Dynamics

  • Soil Management

  • Personal and Career Development

If you have other ideas, reach out to me!

Talks & Workshops

If you have an event, retreat or course, I would be extremely happy to come and share my gifts with you! 

Here are some of the last events I have contributed to:

  • 2023 BOOM Festival - Radical Love Meditation and Somatic practice "Embodying interconnectedness"

  • 2023 ENVISION Festival - Talks on "How to build your career with Permaculture" & "Earth-based spirituality"

What people say

"It was a unique, inspiring and fun experience. Any time again!"

Theresa from Germany

participated to a Yoga retreat in 2019

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