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LOST ON THE RIGHT PATH: a life journey on a quest for truth

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The story I share is not the usual story of journeys around the world to find one self, or at least not only. Mine has been and keeps being a journey across physical and internal landscapes to learn what is the best way to be in this world. Mine is a journey to find truth. I left full of questions, some of which have found an answer and others have revealed themselves to be superfluous or have transformed into new ones. The story I share, in reality, is not even my story. This is the story of a human race that lives in a state of illusory separation to the amazing Universe that hosts it. My story wants to describe the journey that as humans we are preparing to go through to find our place in this world. 

The truth I look for is not absolute and unchangeable, I would rather describe it as a state of profound connection to my, our, mission of Life. The truth I look for is that of m y existence, that, during my journey, I have discovered to be profoundly interconnected to that of the entire Universe. In a society based on a model of conquest and separation, I have set off on a journey to regain connection with the rules that govern my life and that of every living being. This book doesn't want to talk about the problems I wanted to run away from, but about the solutions that I have found along the way to face the profound ecologic, spiritual and social crises that affect us today as both individuals and human community. Hence, the story of my life journey serves as a container to touch important themes that all go back to the biggest of my questions:what does it mean to be humans and what is the best way to be one?

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