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Online Permaculture Design Course

With interactive and recorded classes!

10th May - 10th November 2024

With Eduardo Terzidis, Nick Steiner, Jack Hogdson and Oli Inglis

Bookings open now! 

Also join the practical permaculture week in Portugal! Check here 

Self-paced online study

No online presence is required apart from the presentation of the final designs!!

72 hours Permaculture Design Certificate

What you will get

  • Lifetime access to my online forum with hundreds of students!

  • Recorded videos + online sessions for questions

  • Ongoing support through the forum and group chat

  • 72 Hours international PDC certification

  • Development of final group project

  • Lifetime possibility to join any final design session of my future online PDCs

Course Overview

Building soil – Building community – Building resilience

No previous experience is required! Just openness and willingness to become part of the regeneration movement!

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What will you learn? 

In the study of Permaculture, we challenge the current paradigm of where our food and water come from, the way we are constructing our villages and towns, and how we live our day-to-day and interact with each other.

What can you do after? 

Our Permaculture Design Course graduates have gone on to become change-makers all over the world, designing their own land projects, founding eco-communities, redesigning their businesses, becoming writers, content creators, spearheading policy change, and continuing to teach the permaculture principles and ethics.

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Early bird available for the first 7 students!

Full price per student: €580

Can't afford this? Nobody should be left behind! Reach out to me, I am happy to help you.




Every online module includes one interactive class where students will have the opportunity of asking questions and solving any doubts. Moreover, students will have access to the online forum where they will receive ongoing support from the facilitators.

Why recorded classes?

Recorded classes come from a previous interactive online PDC and will include moments of debate and questions from the students that had joined the course. The reason for this is that great part of a PDC are moments of reflection, and we have chosen to include other student's questions and debates to allow you to reflect and part-take to the process on your own.

All online classes are recorded and available for self-paced study


10th - 24th May 2024

Interactive call will be 10th of May from 7 to 8 pm CET

• Permaculture: Evidence that we need to act - Ethics & Principles

• Concepts and themes in design: Natural ecosystems - Web of life - Yield and Resource -

• Design Methods: Observation - Analysis of elements - Flow analysis - Maps & data overlay - Zones & sectors - Slope & aspect - Guilds - Scale of permanence 

• Patterns: Understanding natural patterns and how to use them in design

• This module will include an extra live session on mushroom and microgreen production iwth Jack Patch. Time and date will be communicated during the course



24th May - 7th June 2024

Interactive call will be 7th of June from 7 to 8 pm CET

• Climatic factors: Main climatic zones and their characteristics - Climatic factors - Climatic effects Landscape profiles

TreesTrees and their role in the ecosystem

Agroforestry & Food Forests: Natural forests and natural succession - Food forests - Layers - Greening the Desert

• Water: Water cycle - Water in the landscape - Strategies for water management

EarthworksDesign - Tools - Types of earthworks (swales, dams etc..)

• This module will include an extra live session on water management with Nick Steiner. Time and date will be communicated during the course


7th - 21st June  

Interactive call will be 21st of FeJune from 7 to 8 pm CET

Soils: Soil composition - Soil management - Compost - Nutrient management and closed loops - Animals in the landscape

Social Permaculture: Project management - Group dynamics - Non-violent communication - Local economies - Community living & Ecovillages

• This module will include an extra live session on agroforestry with Eduardo Terzidis and one on soil science with Oli Inglis. Time and date will be communicated during the course


19th - 25th October 2024

@Soul Farm, Aljezur, Portugal

If you wish to join the practical week, click here for more info


21st June - 10th of November

Presentations will be 10th of November

To be able to provide an international PDC certificate, the course will include a final design project. All students will do a project simulating the design for a client. The project will be presented at the end of the permaculture design course and will be a great opportunity for the students to metabolise the newly-acquired knowledge and receive feedback from the teacher.

The hand over of the final designs will be organised with the teachers, who will provide feedback before delivering the certificate.


The Facilitators


Eduardo Terzidis is a permaculture teacher and consultant, a writer and a yoga teacher. As an engineer, he wanted to help the world, yet he felt the need to “be out there”, learning and sharing with the very people who seek the same change he envisioned. At the core of his work is the understanding that global change needs to be carried from the inside out, recognising the intricate web of which we are part and being able to play our role in support of all life. Today he focuses on water management and agroforestry for mediterranean and provides 1:1 sessions to individuals to support them in manifesting their mission and dreams.


Nick Steiner is extremely passionate about exploring, developing, and sharing ways of regenerating the world around us. His focus is on working with water and finding smart ways to grow more with less work. He has been working and educating in the field of regenerative agriculture and permaculture for almost a decade. Through his job in building up Climate Farmers he has worked with hundreds of farmers all over Europe on their regenerative journeys.  


Jack Hodgson (Jack’s Patch) is a qualified Permaculture Designer from London. He ran his own Permaculture No Dig Market Garden in Greater London for 4 years supplying the local community, markets and chefs his beyond organic produce. 

He now runs an urban project where he grows microgreens and mushrooms in a 20ft shipping container, which he specialises in teaching others how to grow. 

Since leaving the farm life in 2022, he now helps design, build and create food growing projects; anywhere from gardens, pubs, rooftops and farms he shares his experience and gives power back to people. 

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Oli Inglis grew up on his families farm in a rural area of Northern Italy. His early experience with rearing livestock, foraging and producing their own food has led to a lifetime of knowledge of living off the land and working in tandem with nature. In recent years, he has worked on regenerating spaces and providing climate adapted solutions in a variety of landscapes affected by climate change.

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