Online Permaculture Design Course

Available dates:

5th March 2022 - 27th March 2022

Weekends only!

The Online Permaculture Design Course will happen through a total of 15 online interactive meetings (see full schedule below), practical workshops from home and a final design exercise. 

All classes are recorded and no online presence is required apart from presentation of the final designs!!

72 hours Permaculture Design Certificate

What our students say

"Just amazing: Inspiring, passionate, enthusiastic, knowledgable, open to anything, helpful... thank you!!!"

Mia from Germany

Course Overview

Building soil – Building community – Building resilience

No previous experience is required! Just openness and willingness to become part fo the regeneration movement!


Permaculture is a design method for sustainable human settlements that aims at integrating human activities in fully functioning ecosystems able to self regulate and support Life in all its forms.

Its core ethics are Care for the Earth, Care for the People and Fair Share and its principles allow us to live a regenerative life and can be applied to any environment, from small apartments to big lands to entire countries. Most importantly, Permaculture is a real philosophy of life that can support you as an individual to make conscious choices to reconnect to a true way of living. You are not separate from what is around you and stepping back into the web of life is the best choice we can make!

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What is an online Permaculture Design Course? 

This is a 72 hours certified course that covers all aspects of Permaculture as detailed by Bill Mollison (co-founder of the movement and author of "Permaculture: a designer's manual"). The course will touch all elements required to design a complete human settlement and will include topics such as food production, resource management, project management, soil, agroforestry, animal systems, appropriate technology, people systems and social Permaculture.

The course will include a final design project and

the handover of the PDC certificate upon completion

and presentation of the final design.


Program & Schedule


During the online Permaculture Design Course, we will explore the following topics:



(4th & 5th, 11th & 12th of December, classes will be from 5 pm to 9 pm CET)

PermacultureEvidence that we need to act - Ethics & Principles

Concepts and themes in designNatural ecosystems - Web of life - Yield and Resource -

Design MethodsObservation - Analysis of elements - Flow analysis - Maps & data overlay - Zones & sectors - Slope & aspect - Guilds - Scale of permanence 

PatternsUnderstanding natural patterns and how to use the in design



(18th & 19th of December, 8th & 9th of January classes will be from 5 pm to 9 pm CET)

Climatic factors: Main climatic zones and their characteristics - Climatic factors - Climatic effects Landscape profiles

TreesTrees and their role in the ecosystem

WaterWater cycle - Water in the landscape - Strategies for water management

EarthworksDesign - Tools - Types of earthworks (swales, dams etc..)


(15th & 16th of January, 22nd & 23rd of January, classes will be from 5 pm to 9 pm CET)

Agroforestry & Food Forests: Natural forests and natural succession - Food forests - Layers - Greening the Desert

Soils: Soil composition - Soil management - Compost - Nutrient management and closed loops - Animals in the landscape

Appropriate Technology: Renewable energy - Compost toilets - Eco-buildings - Waste management

Climates: Strategies for different climates 


(20th & 30th of January, classes will be from 5 pm to 9 pm CET)

Social Permaculture: Project management - Group dynamics - Non-violent communication - Local economies - Community living & Ecovillages

The time between the 30th of January and the 26th of February will be dedicated to the final designs. Students will individually develop a design of their choice and present it during the last online meeting.


(26th & 27th of February, classes will be from 5 pm to 9 pm CET)

All students will do a group project simulating the design for a client. The project will be  presented at the end of the online permaculture design course and will be a great opportunity for the student to metabolise the newly-acquired knowledge and receive feedback from the teacher



300 euros if booked early bird

(early bird is before the 1st of November for the course starting in July)

350 euros if booked after

Prices include:

- Access to all interactive lectures of the online Permaculture Design Course

- International Permaculture Design Certificate upon completion of the course

- Practical workshops

- Online interactive lessons

- Recordings of the lessons

- Reading material

The facilitators

Joshua Andersen


Joshua is a USA based Permaculture Designer and consultant who has performed several design and consultation projects throughout Florida and now into Georgia. He is the farm manager at Johnny Appleseed Organic Village and is currently working on converting a 60 acre super high density olive and mayhaw grove into a sustainable food growing system.

Even though he doesn't like to say it, he can actually talk to trees and knows every single tree species on this planet. Some say he is also aware of tree species on other planets, but that's another story!

Laura Palmieri

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-23 at 06.23.50.jpeg

Laura 'Lala' Palmieri. Walks with the shoes of the biologist, botanical explorer, herbalist, gardener, permaculturist, teacher & biotechnologist, with a life-long work with plants and mushrooms. 

She's spent her years in dialogue with Nature, and has fueled her passion to integrate scientific knowledge and connection with all beings to help humanity.  

She created Weaving Remedies, integrating herbs with medicinal mushrooms to strengthen the immune system, nourish the nervous system's response to stress and balance our constitutional problems.

Her passion about community life led me to be part of Punta Mona and Fungi Academy for several years. Teaching and facilitating herbal clinics and programs in permaculture, herbalism, botany, fermentation, as well as medicinal mushrooms and cultivation, with a regenerative approach to the Earth and techniques that are accessible to most. She's played a big role in the creation of the Envision and Cosmic Converge Herbal First Aid Clinics, relief Clinics in Guatemala for the volcano eruption  and is constantly crafting remedies offered in Guatemala and Costa Rica, supporting many beings in their paths.

She's in service to our natural allies to help us to listen to our bodies and join this collective mission to tend our planet. She wants to share her passion and love for Nature so together we can walk each other home.

Benson Jack Anthony


Benson Anthony is an active Permaculture Teacher and Consultant based between Sydney, Australia and London, England. After studying and working alongside Geoff Lawton, Benson has swiftly started teaching and consulting internationally. With professional experience as an organic nurseryman and Permaculture teacher, he has a passion for Aid Work, Community Development, Mycology, and arid climate Food Forestry. As well as currently teaching an online vegan PDC alongside Graham Burnett, Benson is passionately working on multiple urban Permaculture designs in Sydney, Australia. Benson strongly believes the major problems of our time can be solved through Permaculture design principles, ethics, and a re-connection to the natural world. He is probably the funnies Permaculture teacher I know, so be prepared to shed tears of joy when he will tell you why Santa Claus is a mushroom!

Eduardo Terzidis

Hey! That's me! I hope you know me by now, but if you don't you are in the right spot. This is my website and you can find all information you need on my work and my experience as a Permaculture Designer. 

Ok, I will still tell you a funny fact about me, sometimes I get lost in my bedroom while I sleepwalk at night. That's why we chose to teach the course during European daytime.

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