Food Systems for CSA

TerraMee is a Community Supported agriculture in Italy regenerating abandoned land to offer fresh local produce to the community. I have helped them design their food systems, including vege gardens, mushroom farms, orchards and food forests.

Design of Nutrient Flows

Houseful is a European project aiming at demonstrating closed loops in urban environments that recycle and re-use waste for food and energy.production locally. I have designed the nutrient flows to re-use solid waste and waste water for the production of vegetables and fish in a demonstration site in Vienna.

Social Enterprise

Koanga is a regenerative living institute in New Zealand. I have helped them in the design of a social enterprise for the expansion of the institute. My roles have been facilitating group dynamics and the process of creating vision, mission and majour goals.

Compost Cultivator

Hydrousa is a European project developing solutions for decentralised water and nutrient management in Mediterranean islands. I have designed the prototype of an automatic compost cultivator to be coupled with a biogas digestor to turn black water and biomass into agricultural amendments

Grey Water System

Greening the Desert is a demonstration site created by Geoff Lawton to re-forest part of a desertified area in Jordan. During my internship, I have contributed in the design and installation of a reed bed system to treat grey water coming from the local cafe.

Compost Toilet

I have been part of the development of a private property in Portugal. The developments have included designing and building a compost toilet and a vege garden.

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