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Koanga Institute is a charitable trust, home to the largest heritage food plant collection in New Zealand. After over 40 years of activity researching and sharing methods for regenerative living, the moment had come for them to expand their activities to be able to support the charitable nature of their activities. From this, the idea of designing a Social Enterprise that could work in parallel with the institute and support it was born.


I was asked to assume the role of facilitator, helping the group to come together and set up the foundation for this new chapter to begin. As a facilitator, I have worked on solving some of the conflicts that where present within the group, creating a safe space for non-violent communication and constructive feedback. Moreover, an effective communication line had to be established between the team and the trustees, who held the power of taking final decisions on wether or not to proceed. Once this space was present, I have also facilitated the creative processes of establishing Vision, Mission, Major Goals and Internal Structure of the team. From this stage, the group went on and developed a business plan to attract funds and investors.

The process the group has gone through has been one of the most amazing I have ever seen. Once everyone felt in a safe space, their hearts were open to share and receive at a level that had never happened before. This has not only allowed the project to go forward in an effective way, but the individual elements in the team to feel heard and supported like never before. This very special energy has turned the team into a family, all sharing a common vision of supporting the regeneration of our culture!

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