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TerraMee was born from the need of bringing food production back to a place where it can be a tool for land regeneration, strengthening communities and nourishing their individuals. The intention is in fact to go beyond sustainably sourced, locally grown food, but to use regenerative agriculture as a tool for the regeneration of abandoned or non-used land. 

TerraMee partners with property owners that have either abandoned or do not use their land due to the common idea that "agriculture is a business destined to loose". The truth is, it doesn't have to be like this if agricultural businesses follow an economy that listens to the environment and its real needs.

Within this context, I have designed all the productive systems of the enterprise, including biointensive vegetable gardens, perennial gardens, mushroom farms, animal systems and food forests. In particular, the food forests have been designed starting from abandoned orchards or vineyards. All projects have included planting schedule, suggestions for amendments and/or soil improvement, maintenance schedule and continuous support throughout the operation. Moreover, I have also provided support for on-situ compost production (integrated with the animal systems when possible) and biochar production.

All productive systems are today successfully providing food and work to many families in the city of Rome. Most excitingly, some sites have now become educational sites and retreat centres where regular workshops, tours, culinary events and retreats are held!

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