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Water Management & Agroforestry


Learn from experienced designers how to design for abundance

With Eduardo Terzidis, Nick Steiner and Giuseppe Sannicandro

Online theory plus 5 days of practice in Italy @Regen

Can't come to Italy? Join the online part only!

Certified course


Online part 14th June - 7th July 2024

Live part 4th - 8th November 2024


Course Overview

This course is designed for those who want to become professional designers or are actively working on land restoration. The course will provide land owners, farmers and aspiring professionals with the skills they need to deeply understand the theory and practice of two of the most fundamental topics of ecosystem restoration.

If you are just starting to get into ecosystem restoration, we recommend you consider joining the Practical Permaculture Week instead

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Early bird (book by the 15th of May)

Full course (online + practice): €1190

Only online: €400

Full price (book after the 15th of May)

Full course (online + practice): €1390

Only online: €550

Tuition for this course includes:

– Course content and materials, all lectures, forums, and activities

– Certificate of participation at the end of the course
– Lodging in shared accommodation during the practical week

– Three meals a day during the practical week

We ask for a €440 NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE deposit to be sent to hold your space. 


The program


The online part of the course will happen through a series of interactive classes on Zoom. The course will be divided into modules, each of which will have a total of 12 hours of learning material.

The course will begin on the 14th of June with an introductory call at 6 pm CET time

Module 1: Water Management

Interactive lessons for Module 1 will be 15th, 16th, 22nd and 23rd of June from 3 to 6 pm CET time

  • Introduction to the scale of permanence as a design tool

  • Keyline design: designing areas for water efficiency

  • Earthworks: small and large interventions to re-shape land and re-establish water cycles

  • Mapping: creating topographic maps in QGIS and studying water basins


Module 2: Agroforestry


Interactive lessons for Module 2 will be 29th and 30th of June and 6th and 7th of July from 3 to 6 pm CET time

  • Strategies to include more perennial plants in our productive systems

  • Natural succession: how Life colonises rocks to evolve into a forest going through different life cycles

  • Plant strata: how plants use vertical space, from "weeds" to fruit, timber and biomass trees

  • Plant show: different plants to use for their important functions in an agroforestry system. From the most common to the most unusual

  • Design process of agroforestry systems: creating grow beds, choosing plants, choosing productive species and support species

During the 5 days of practice, you will visit one of the most established projects in Italy and spend time designing, maintaining and implementing new systems together!

Note that the exact topics covered during the course will depend on weather conditions, machinery availability and group needs/requests.

The Facilitators


Eduardo Terzidis is a permaculture teacher and consultant, a writer and a yoga teacher. As an engineer, he wanted to help the world, yet he felt the need to “be out there”, learning and sharing with the very people who seek the same change he envisioned. At the core of his work is the understanding that global change needs to be carried from the inside out, recognising the intricate web of which we are part and being able to play our role in support of all life. Today he focuses on water management and agroforestry for mediterranean climate and provides 1:1 sessions to individuals to support them in manifesting their mission and dreams.


Nick Steiner is extremely passionate about exploring, developing, and sharing ways of regenerating the world around us. His focus is on working with water and finding smart ways to grow more with less work. He has been working and educating in the field of regenerative agriculture and permaculture for almost a decade. Through his job in building up Climate Farmers he has worked with hundreds of farmers all over Europe on their regenerative journeys.  


Giuseppe Sannicandro designs and teaches Permaculture in Italy and Europe. He is co-founder of the Regen association and member of the Italian Academy of Permaculture, for which I also carry out tutoring activities for the Diploma. 
For years he has been passionately designing and offering consultancy to multifunctional farms, self-sufficiency projects and ecological communities and he is involved in urban permaculture projects. He believes that we can naturally improve the fertility of the land and, at the same time, regenerate living, abundant ecosystems, similar to natural ones, and also productive of both food and other resources.

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Want to join?

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