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Online Introduction to Agroforestry Course

Followed at your own pace with recorded classes!

All classes are recorded and no online presence is required apart from the optional presentation of the final designs!!

What our students say

"Just amazing: Inspiring, passionate, enthusiastic, knowledgable, open to anything, helpful... thank you!!!"

Mia from Germany


Course Overview

Building soil – Building community – Building resilience

This course is an extract from my full 72 hours PDC. Regenerative agroforestry is gaining increasing interest worldwide as it offers tangible solutions to the environmental, social and economical problems we are facing today. This course will cover the basics of regenerative agroforestry, starting from understanding the patterns and roles of trees in the ecosystem and going all the way into designing efficient tree systems for food production/reforestation or other regenerative ecosystem services. 

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During the online Introduction to Agroforestry Course, we will explore the following topics:


Climatic factors: Main climatic zones and their characteristics - Climatic factors - Climatic effects Landscape profiles - Definitions

Trees: Observation - Trees and their role in the ecosystem - Patterns of a tree - 

Agroforestry & Food Forests: Natural forests and natural succession - Food forests - Layering

Introduction to Syntropic Farming: Using natural succession to establish regenerative tree systems

Design process: Recognising the patterns of the forest to design forest-inspired ecosystems



100 euros

Prices include:

- Access to all lectures of the course for one year. The lessons come from recordings of one of my online courses on Zoom.

Want to join?

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