Yoga and Permaculture Retreat
Rediscover your interconnectedness with nature, learn a new way of being in this world
3rd - 8th February 2021

@ Monte Velho retreat centre, Algarve, Portugal


Who is this retreat for?

This retreat is intended for all those who feel the need to reconnect to the rhythms of nature and learn how to live in tune with them. Through a combination of yoga, somatic movement, seminars and nature connection workshops you will be guided into a journey of reconnection to your sense of belonging to this planet. The daily embodied practices will serve as a container for us to experience some of the core themes of regenerative living and permaculture, which will then be expanded during our seminars and workshops. 

The core themes we will explore during this retreat will be: remembering the language of nature, embodying the interconnectedness with everything around us, permaculture principles applied to outer and inner landscapes, how to embody the belonging to nature in our daily lives.

What to expect from this Yoga retreat?

What supports our life? How can we go back to be a part of this web of life and act in respect for all life on this planet? What does it mean to be interconnected with all things? What are simple acts that can help us live a regenerative life today? These and others will be the questions we will answer together during our journey.


The aim of this Yoga retreat is that you will leave feeling connected with the elements and empowered to take tangible steps towards a life in tune with nature, no matter what your lifestyle is today.


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Check out the video of one of my last retreats!



Daily Schedule


Although our daily schedule is open and flexible to accommodate your needs and moods, this is a general idea of how our days together will flow:


8:00 - 9:30 Morning Practice (includes Yoga, meditation, Pranayama, somatic movement)
9:30 Healthy, homemade breakfast enjoyed in silence in the beauty of the natural park
10:30 – 12:30 Workshop or seminar  (we will have 2 workshops in total, the rest of the days you will have free to enjoy the surroundings, go to the beach or go hiking)
12:30 Lunch 
13:30 – 17:30 Chill out time

17:30 – 18:30 Grounding and relaxing evening Yoga practice (Yin or restorative Yoga)
19:00 Healthy, homemade dinner & evening specials such as campfires, beach picnics or other activities



Shared suite accommodation: 720 EUR

Double suite accommodation: 770 EUR

If you want to dive deep in Permaculture, also join the Permaculture Design Course from the 8th to the 20th of February in Monte Velho! Click here for more info

What is included


- 4 nights on an authentic farm in the middle of the national park

- daily yoga, meditation and pranayama

- afternoon restorative yoga sessions

- nature reconnection workshops

- possibility to have extra massages, treatments, surf lessons or excursions

- guidance & support in your practice & process by the teachers

- daily homemade meals: breakfast and dinner. Lunch will be free for you to cook or eat out to enjoy the surroundings

- spontaneous extra workshops based on interest of the group