Return Home - A Yoga retreat in Portugal

Reconnect with your Authentic Self & Reclaim Your Purpose

9 - 15th October 2021

@ Soul Farm, Aljezur, Portugal

in collaboration with Sarah Coxon


Focus: Yoga, Somatics, Personal Development, Self-Empowerment, Free Movement, Meditation, Nature Connection, Ritual, Community, Sound Healing

In a time where all the certainties we had seem to fall apart, it may be easy for us to fall into feeling lost and disconnected from who we truly are. Return Home is all about learning how to come home to your most authentic self and live a life that's true to you, no matter what the "outside world" seems to want from you. This will be an intimate and sacred retreat where you'll experience your next-level of authentic connection and sacred purpose. It's about unapologetically stepping into your truest purpose and reclaiming your voice, your mission and your magic. It's about living a life of meaning and contribution.

Who is this retreat for?


If you are feeling lost, lacking a sense of purpose or you simply want to strengthen you already present life purpose and goals, then this is the Yoga retreat for you! 

All you need to join this Yoga retreat is an open mind and the willingness to discover who you truly are in this world and how to manifest it. 

No previous experience is required in Yoga, meditation or any of the other practices. The Yoga retreat will be a safe space for you to experiment and discover what works for you so that you will be able to bring it into your daily life. 

What to expect from this Yoga retreat?

Integrating the Yoga, meditation, somatic movement, guided visualisations, seminars, 1:1 sessions, nature connection and self-development workshops, you will be guided through a 7 days journey to find out what your heart calling is and how to bring it into full manifestation.


What is your inner calling? What are the inner qualities you have? What goals do you have for your personal and professional life? What if the life that you want to live? What tools do you have and what tools do you need? How can you get to where you need to go by fully accepting who you are today? These and others will be the questions that we will answer together.

The aim of this Yoga retreat is that you will leave feeling clear, connected and ready to live a life that's in alignment with your deepest desires and values.


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Daily Schedule


Although our daily schedule is open and flexible to accommodate your needs and moods, this is a general idea of how our days together will flow:


8:00 - 9:30 Morning Practice (includes Yoga, meditation, Pranayama, somatic movement)
9:30 Healthy, homemade breakfast enjoyed in silence in the beauty of the natural park
10:30 – 12:30 Workshop or seminar for personal development (we will have 3 workshops in      total, the rest of the days you will have free to enjoy the surroundings, go to the beach or go hiking)
12:30 Lunch 
13:30 – 17:30 Chill out time

17:30 – 18:30 Grounding and relaxing evening Yoga practice (Yin or restorative Yoga)
19:00 Healthy, homemade dinner & evening specials such as campfires, beach picnics or other activities



Early bird pricing expires on the 30th of July

Shared lotus tent accommodation: 800 EUR early bird - 1100 EUR full price

In single room: 1100 EUR early bird - 1400 EUR full price

Tent spot (own equipment): 600 EUR early bird - 900 EUR full price

What is included


- 6 nights on an authentic farm in the middle of the national park

- daily yoga, meditation and pranayama

- afternoon restorative yoga sessions

- workshops on personal development to help you find your direction in life

- nature reconnection workshops

- possibility to have extra massages, treatments, surf lessons or excursions

- guidance & support in your practice & process by the teachers

- one 1:1 session with the teachers to support you in the process

- daily homemade meals: breakfast and dinner. Lunch will be free for you to cook or eat out to enjoy the surroundings

- spontaneous extra workshops bases on interest of the group

Meet the facilitators!


Dr. Sarah Coxon is an archaeologist turned yoga teacher, sacred activist, author and coach. She helps people reclaim their inner feminine magic, and live their purpose, not their conditioning. She also mentors early business-owners, helping them to build impactful, ethical, and regenerative businesses.


Hi! I am Eduardo Terzidis and you are on my website. I am a Yoga teacher and Permaculture teacher and consultant. The core of my work is to help humans to step back into playing their role in the intricate web of life. My belief is that this process starts by each of us reclaiming connection with who we truly are, so I help individuals to reconnect to their truest nature by integrating principles of ecology, Yoga, permaculture and much more!

You can know more about me by visiting the about page in this website.