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Yoga Retreats

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It is my belief that the creation of a regenerative future depends on each of us establishing an ecological relationship with ourselves as a first step.


I am a certified Yoga teacher and I offer transformative experiences and Yoga retreats to re-connect to our inner Nature and find grounding in who we are. From this position only will we be able to find place in the transition towards an eco-logical society. It is for this reason that I facilitate experiences that include a combination of Yoga, meditation, sharing circles and embodied practices that bring us back to a primordial sense of belonging to the Source.

What people say

"It was a unique, inspiring and fun experience. Any time again!"

Theresa from Germany

participated to a Yoga retreat in 2019

What to expect from my Yoga retreats


Imagine waking up every day to the sound of the birds, surrounded by untouched nature. Nowhere to go, day after day walking slowly into your inner landscapes to get to know yourself a little more intimately. Practice Yoga, reconnect with the rhythms of nature, observe your inner patterns, dance, move, laugh, connect, enjoy!

You hold a bright light of life within and it is time to let it shine. There is nothing else to do than to follow the rhythm of your breath and give yourself to a nourishing and regenerating experience. Every Yoga retreat is a safe space for you to just be, breaking free from any conditionings that prevent you from expressing your inner truth. You will be surrounded by great people holding space for you and everything you need will be provided for.

Our daily Yoga practices will be a container for you to experience a deep connection with your inner light. You will learn how to breathe into the present moment to welcome whatever comes from a place of full acceptance and deep grounding. Your inner truth will be there for you to be in your centre, shining your light even when life makes it hard. Great people from all over the world will walk this journey with you, each walking their own journey yet at the same time creating a strong container for each individual to feel supported and held. 


The waters of your mind will slowly settle, allowing clarity to arise through the sedimentation of all that keeps you away from walking your path. Your body will be deeply nourished during our practices, realising tension and reweaving the connection with the deep wisdom it carries. Healthy, organic meals will be prepared locally with love and support your body in this beautiful journey. Nature will be there to guide you, and you will learn how to bring your spirit back into your body by experiencing and manifesting the connection to all that surrounds you.

If this sounds like what you are looking for, click here to visit my upcoming events page and join one of my next retreats!

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