Online Permaculture Masterclass

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25th February 2022 - 19th June 2022 (bookings open now!!)

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This Online Permaculture Design Masterclass will be delivered through a series online interactive meetings (see full schedule below), practical workshops from home and several design exercises. 

All classes are recorded and no online presence is required apart from presentation of the final designs!! Students can follow the course at their own pace and according to their own time zone.


Upon completion, students will be awarded the following certificates:

  • 72 hours Permaculture Design Course Certificate

  • Natural Building Certificate

  • Regenerative Soil management Certificate

  • Agroforestry Certificate

  • Social and Personal Permaculture Certificate

  • Project Management

What our students say

"Just amazing: Inspiring, passionate, enthusiastic, knowledgable, open to anything, helpful... thank you!!!"

Mia from Germany

Course Overview

Building soil – Building community – Building resilience

A Permaculture Design Course often leaves students thirsty for more knowledge and/or with a sense of overwhelm due to a lack of practical experience. Our Online Permaculture Design Masterclass is designed for those of you who want to dive deep into regenerative design and really become independent designers. At the end of this one year course, you will feel confident enough to get your hands dirty and start designing and implementing your own projects! No matter wether you already attended a Permaculture Design Course or are completely new to permaculture, this masterclass will turn you into a permaculture designer from the ground up!

During our year together we will cover several key topics of design, and our group will be ready to support you during your projects all throughout the year. Our international faculty is composed by well experienced designers from all over the world (see details below), so this is an incredible opportunity for you to receive ongoing support and put your knowledge into practice!

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Program & Schedule

Classes will be held on Zoom on weekends from 9 am to 5 pm CET. Note that all lessons are recorded and no live presence is required for you to receive the certificates!

Our Online Permaculture Design Masterclass, will be divided into 6 modules:



(25th February - 20th April 2022)

Facilitated by Eduardo Terzidis, Marco Matera and Giuseppe Sannicandro

During this module we will cover the standard curriculum of an Online Permaculture Design Course. At the end of the module and upon submission of your final design you will receive a Permaculture Design Certificate. The first module will cover: Ethics, Principles, History, Design Methods, Patterns, Climatic Factors, Trees, Water, Agroforestry, Soils, Appropriate Technology, Climates, Final Design




(2nd and 3rd April 2022)

Facilitated by Aronne Musumeci

This module will cover the basics of natural building. During the online natural building course, a professional expert in the sector will guide you through different natural building techniques and you will have the opportunity to practice some of the theory through simple practical workshops that you can do from home. This module will include: Introduction to natural building, different techniques, materials, structure, walls, insulation, practical workshops.


(9th and 10th April 2022)

Facilitated by Marco Matera and Eduardo Terzidis

Through this module you will dive deep into the world of people and project management. Every project is initiated by people, hence setting up solid foundations when it comes to group dynamics and communication is crucial for the successful development of your ideas and dreams. Topics will include: Non-violent Communication, The work that reconnects, Decision Making, Conflict Resolution, Sociocracy, Project Management.


(15th April - 5th June 2022)

Facilitated by all facilitators

This module is optional and will allow each student to have the time to develop a full design of choice and be able to receive support from the facilitators. Each student will be develop, over the two months, a full permaculture design of their choice (which may or may not be based on a real project). Regular webinars will be held during which the students will present their projects and receive ongoing feedback from both the facilitators and the other students. This will ensure that students will end the course with a solid understanding of the design process as well as a sound and complete permaculture project ready to be implemented!


(11th and 12th June 2022)

Facilitated by Marco Pianalto

This module will allow you to dive deep into soil science, understanding how to read your soil and develop regenerative strategies for regenerative land management. The third module will cover: Soil Biology, Soil Composition, Soil Classification, Nutrients, Visual and Chemical Soil Assessment, Strategies for Soil Regeneration, Natural Soil Amendments, Regenerative Soil Maintenance.


(18th and 19th June 2022)

Facilitated by Giuseppe Sannicandro

This module will be an in depth immersion in the world of trees and tree systems that range from landscape regeneration and reforestation to the establishment of perennial and forest-like food systems. Topics will include: Trees and their patterns, Natural Succession, Tree species for design, How to design a tree system, How to implement a tree system, How to maintain a tree system. This module will also include a final design where students will develop (and possibly implement if they have land availability) a full agroforestry system of their choice.



600 euros without module 6 if booked early bird

650 euros including module 6 if booked early bird

(early bird is before the 15th of October)


800 euros without module 6, if booked after the early bird deadline

850 euros including module 6, if booked after the early bird deadline

Prices include:

- Access to all interactive lectures of the online Permaculture Design Masterclass

- International Certificates upon completion of each module

- Practical workshops

- Online interactive lessons

- Recordings of the lessons

- Reading material

The facilitators

Marco Matera


Trainer, facilitator, permaculture teacher. After completing the PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate), he worked as an assistant teacher, participated in various Transition Training and Facilitation courses, certified himself as a permaculture teacher at Akadamie Permakultury in the Czech Republic and enjoys a lot of urban and social permaculture. He is co-founder of the online magazine Permaculture & Transizione, he was a member of the Board of Trustees of the Earthworks Trust UK, and holds the position of Ambassadors at the Permaculture Association UK. Now he trains Permaculture teachers and cultivates Active Hope.


Giuseppe Sannicandro

He studies, designs and teaches Permaculture in Italy and in Europe. He co-founder of the Regen association. Graduated in Permaculture in Tenerife and member and Tutor for the Permaculture Diploma recognised by the Italian Permaculture Academy. He designs and offers consultancy to multifunctional farms, ecovillages, urban permaculture projects. He facilitates courses and workshops in Permaculture, Regenerative Agriculture, Earth Movements, Water Management, Keyline Design, Soil Fertility, Horticulture and Agroforestry Systems or Food Forest.

Marco Pianalto

Marco Pianalto permacultura.png

Agronomist, freelance. Lecturer, designer and facilitator in Permaculture and Systemic Decision Processes.

Graduated in Agricultural Sciences in Padua, he also completed post-graduate training at the Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo (Advanced School in Sustainability and Food Policies).

After ten years of experience as a hydrotechnician in Spain, he completed initial and advanced training in Permaculture at the well-known Montsant Permaculture Institute (Tarragona, Spain) with Richard Wade and Inés Sanchez. He graduated from the Italian Permaculture Academy and is a member of the Academy's teaching council (Ellisse dei Tutor). He did the Certified Permaculture Teacher Training and Social Permaculture training with Helder Valente in 2016.

He graduated in Organic Regenerative Agriculture in Mexico.

He is currently a member of the technical, didactic and organizational staff of Deafal NGO, an organization engaged in the diffusion of Regenerative Organic Agriculture and in the defense of family agriculture in Italy and abroad.

He has collaborated and / or collaborates in teaching and in field practice with international trainers such as Jairo Restrepo Rivera, Eugenio Gras, Nacho Simon Zamora, Juan Martinez Valdez, Luis Pinheiro and Owen Hablutzel and nationally with Fabio Pinzi, Stefano Soldati, Massimo Candela and Saviana Parodi. He has held training activities in Europe (Spain to England, France Germany), Latin America (Mexico) and Africa (Togo. Ghana). He follows projects in Chile and Argentina.

Aronne Musumeci


Eduardo Terzidis

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