Permaculture for Kenya
A 72 hours Permaculture Design Certificate Course

To help a rural community in Kenya establish a regenerative educational centre!​


Come and support te regenerative development of local communities in Kenya!

All the profit of this course will go straight into the development of the project!

24th - 30th October 2022

Mabinju Power House, Asembo Bay, Kenya


Project Overview

What is the Mabinju Power House Youth Project?

This course stems out from the need to make regenerative practices accessible to places and communities with less opportunities. The Mabinju Power House Youth Project is fully owned and funded by locals, with the aim of empowering the local community by spreading knowledge about regenerative agroforestry practices. The first step to achieve this goal is that of establishing an educational centre, where the youth from different villages can gather and learn. This will be the very first course that the centre will host, and all of its profit will go into buying infrastructure for hosting students (beds, sheets, towels, cooking tools etc...) as well as buying tools and trees to begin implementing regenerative agroforestry systems.

Among others, one of the main goal of this project is to provide every local household with 100 trees, allowing each family to provide for their own food while contributing to reforestation. Moreover, the entire local community will join the course free of charge to gain the skills they will need to keep implementing regenerative solutions.

It is important to know thats this initiative is fully pushed by the local community! They are the ones who have reached out to me to address real needs, so by joining this course you will be supporting real-life, on the ground impact that empowers the locals instead of taking the power away from them!


What to expect from this course.

One of the principles of Permaculture is to learn to give while we take. This course expresses just this, since you will be learning from both me and the local community while giving back and supporting their regenerative development.

This will be a standard 72 hours certified course that covers all aspects of Permaculture. See below for the complete list of topics.

The course will include a final design project and the handover of the PDC certificate upon completion and presentation of the final design. The final design will be based on the needs of the community and we will begin a partial implementation of it during our stay in Kenya. This is a unique opportunity you rarely get to experience during a PDC!

On top of this, you will have the amazing opportunity of living a unique experience with traditional communities of Kenya, learning from them and giving back. 


The program


The course will be divided into an online and a live part (in Kenya). The online part will cover most of the topics, while the live part will be about revising your designs and implementing agroforestry systems for the community. Also, during your stay in Kenya you will get to learn from the locals about their culture and ways of doing things.

During the course, we will explore the following topics:



PermacultureEvidence that we need to act - Ethics & Principles

Concepts and themes in designNatural ecosystems - Web of life - Yield and Resource -

Design MethodsObservation - Analysis of elements - Flow analysis - Maps & data overlay - Zones & sectors - Slope & aspect - Guilds - Scale of permanence 

PatternsUnderstanding natural patterns and how to use the in design



Climatic factors: Main climatic zones and their characteristics - Climatic factors - Climatic effects Landscape profiles

TreesTrees and their role in the ecosystem

WaterWater cycle - Water in the landscape - Strategies for water management

Soils: Soil composition - Soil management - Compost - Nutrient management and closed loops - Animals in the landscape

EarthworksDesign - Tools - Types of earthworks (swales, dams etc..)

Agroforestry & Food Forests: Natural forests and natural succession - Food forests - Layers - Greening the Desert

Appropriate Technology: Renewable energy - Compost toilets - Eco-buildings - Waste management



Climates: Strategies for different climates

Social Permaculture: Project management - Group dynamics - Non-violent communication - Local economies - Community living & Ecovillages



All students will do a group project simulating the design for a client. The project will be  presented at the end of the course and will be a great opportunity for the student to metabolise the newly-acquired knowledge and receive feedback from the teacher



By joining this course, you are contributing to the real regenerative development of a community in need. I will not receive any profit other than covering my own travel expenses!

600 euros if booked before 15th of August 2022

750 if booked after

For private accommodation, send me an email and we can see what is available!



Prices include:

- Full accommodation in shared rooms. For single room please contact me

- 3 meals a day

- Access to showers and facilities

- International Permaculture Design Certificate upon completion of the course

- Practical workshops

- Opportunity to spend time in Kenya, learning from traditional rural communities and supporting them

- Traditional African music circles

- Traditional African dance workshop

- Stunning surroundings and beautiful places to visit on your free time

Want to join?

Fill in the form at the end of this page and send me a message to book your spot!