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Join the first 6 months country-wide learning experience in Portugal!

Beginning in January 2021

What is a country-wide internship?

Portugal is home of hundreds of regenerative projects ranging from Permaculture sites, to ecovillages and holistic communities. The country-wide internship program offers student a unique experience to go on a learning journey through the entire country of Portugal, visiting different projects, communities and teachers. In every one of the places they will visit, students will either attend a residential course or have the opportunity of designing and implementing a real-life Permaculture system. 

What will you learn?

Depending on which projects will give their availability for the internship

program, you will acquire new tools and skills on a variety of topics that

may include:

  • Natural building

  • Food forests and agroforestry

  • Food production

  • Landscape regeneration

  • Nutrient recycling (compost, biogas, water treatment etc..)

  • Water management

  • Appropriate technology

  • Group dynamics, community building & non-violent communication

  • Economics for the future

  • Animal management

  • Social Permaculture

Why should you join this program?

  • Learn from a wide range of environments which include a variety of people, communities, lands and microclimates

  • Receive on-site theoretical training and the possibility to develop real-life projects

  • Become part of a country-wide network for future work and collaboration

  • Learn how to apply your newly acquired skills to different contexts, thus reinforcing your learning process

What will your internship look like?

The program will start with an optional two week PDC, after which you will visit 5-6 sites around Portugal. As I am still working on defining locations and topics, if you are interested get in touch and I will provide you with a detailed schedule as soon as possible!

Internship Schedule.jpg


The price of the internship is 2000 euros if paid before November the 15th and 2300 euros if paid after that date. The cost for the optional PDC is 600 euros is you join the internship and 750 euros if you do the PDC alone.

The cost of the internship includes:

- Breakfast, lunch and dinner every day

- Accommodation in your tent, showers and facilities

- All courses and materials 

- Certificate of completion of the internship

The cost does not include:

- Transportation from one site to the other

Why should you pay for the internship?

Although there are many free internship programmes out there, this internship is designed for you. Experts of the field from the whole country will lead you through theoretical courses as well as the design and implementation of real Permaculture systems. Every design will be discussed and evaluated by your teachers to give you the opportunity of experiencing what it means to be a designer. Moreover, your money will go into the development of regenerative projects that are striving to facilitate the transition towards a resilient future!

How to join?

If you would like to join the internship or the PDC (or both), get in touch now!

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