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Regenerative Urban Lifestyle
Permaculture Design Course
1st - 11th of June 
Berlin, Germany

+ extra modules online
With Sarah Wu, Patrick Vernuccio (The Frenchie Gardener) and Eduardo Terzidis


Learn how to become your own leader and the leader of the regeneration movement!


Course Overview

What does it take to transform our urban spaces into places where we can thrive together in community with nature? How can we elevate urban lifestyles with conscious and regenerative practices that will increase our living quality while also taking care of the life around us?


This certified and unique Permaculture Design Course will help you to build a strong foundation with deep knowledge, philosophy and hands-on practice to help navigate towards a more balanced, conscious life in the city. 


For the first time Sarah Wu (Costa Rica), Eduardo Terzidis (Portugal) and Patrick Vernuccio/The Frenchie Gardener (Berlin) will join in collaboration as teachers to offer this urban-focussed Permaculture training and guide you through a unique experience that will have an everlasting impact on how you look at life.


Join this Urban R/Evolution in a group of like-minded humans that want to make the planet a better place.


Why this course? Why in a city?

This course is made for urban citizens from around the world that are seeking answers on questions like:


How can we create a regenerative lifestyle in our urban spaces?

How can I better read and understand the ecosystems around me?

How can I handle my and the planet's resources more consciously?

How can plants, mushrooms and animals help us in this mission?

How can I start growing my own food (even with little space)?

How can I better understand the value systems around me? And what could be alternatives?

How can I build and live a life in community with others?

By 2050, 68% of the world's population will live in cities. It becomes more crucial than ever to welcome back nature into these highly populated places, reconnecting back with seasons and cycles, strengthening our ability to work with the land and nature, to grow our own food, to understand the ecosystem around us while creating balance within ourselves and nature. 


No matter where you live or what you do, it starts with yourself. Regenerating from the inside out, understanding interconnectedness, the social and value systems we grew up in, cycles and patterns in nature and the need for looking at yourself and everything around you holistically. 

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The program



Class Topics:

Adaptogenic Plants and Mushrooms for Personal Resilience
Climates and Landscapes
Design for Disaster
Design Process & Methods
Digestion and the Human Microbiome
Ethics & Principles of Permaculture
Gaia Theory & Eco-Psycology
Garden Design
Home and Community Herbalist
Humanure and Waste Systems
Integrated Pest Management
Intro & History of Permaculture
Intro to Herbalism
Intro to Social Permaculture
Lunar Rhythms

Mushrooms for Reproductive Health

Reading the Landscape & Site analysis

Resources & Scale of Permanence

Small Animal Care

Soil Science and Compost

Trees and Food Forest Ecology

Urban Permaculture

Water Systems & Hydrological Cycle

Wild Crafting EthicsZones & Sectors

Non-Violent Communication with Self, Others and NatureObservation and Map readingPatterns in NaturePerennial Polycultures & Regenerative AgriculturePersonal development: Finding One’s Life Mission in ServicePlant Care & Propagation TechniquesPlants and

Hands-On Practicals:

Compost Making
Cultured Foods
Garden Project
Medicine Making
Sacred Space Making
Seed Planting

Meditations, Movement, Rituals and Other Activities:


Herbal Elixir Bar Night

Permaculture Movie Night

Bonfire Sharing Circle 

Farm to Table Group Dinner


The Venues

Daily schedule


6.00–7.00: Morning Yoga, Plant Meditation or Ritual

7.00–8.30: Breakfast
8.30-12.30: Class Time
12.30-14.30: Lunch
14.30-17.30: Class Time
18.00-19.00: Dinner
19.30–21.30: Occasional Evening Session or Activity

We begin each morning with guided meditations, yoga or botanising. After a nutritious breakfast, we flow into the morning class session. Starting with and open forum of discussion of relevant topics, dreams, sharing and announcements. Classes are lecture and dialog format, with active white board drawing and demos, outdoor hands on activities as well as demos.

With a two hour break for lunch for siesta and integration, dinner is followed by evenings of music, fire, rest and meditation.

With 10 hours online and 10 days onsite in Berlin in three different inspiring urban places, you will learn and experience in this exclusive PDC, how the philosophy of permaculture can deliver answers to the questions asked above and truly reshape the way we perceive life and solutions for some of our biggest personal and environmental challenges nowadays.

You will be staying in the city of Berlin, and we will hold our classes and seminars in different projects around the city to allow you to experience a variety of real-life examples of what is possible!

Why Berlin?

We chose Berlin as the first city for this program as the city is known for always exploring new and alternative ways of thinking, living, being. It is one of the greenest cities in Europe, with more parks, gardens and forested areas than any other European city. Berlin also hosts an incredible amount of regenerative projects that we will partially integrate into the course.


The venues will include:

Wilmaers Gaerten

Wilmars Gärten is a land of 350 hectares in the South of Berlin that is dedicated to Agroforestry and the regenerative restoration of the land. The project is led by the artist Maria Gimenez who has a beautiful vision at the intersection of art, nature and education. The place is a hidden urban gem with a wonderful Market Garden providing vegetables, fruits & herbs to many restaurants & hotels in Berlin.


Peace of Land

Peace of Land is a unique urban community space gathering fruits trees, beehives, mushroom, orchard, greenhouse, veggie garden located inside Berlin. Peace of Land is a place of learning and practice where permaculture design can be learned, practiced and taught at a high level.


Watch the interview from the last Soul to Soil PDC from Eduardo and Sarah!

The Facilitators


Sarah Wu is a clinical herbalist of 21 years and a practicing permaculturist for over a decade. She facilitates learning with a planetary perspective on natural medicine, integrating large scale systems such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as diverse folk traditions and ethnobotany, with a foundation in Deep Ecology, Western Wise Woman traditions and modern Witchcraft. Sarah has participated in and taught 27+ Permaculture Design Courses, co-founded and annually curates six simultaneous stages of educational and spiritual content for Envision Festival and the Village Witches experience, and has developed a 200- hour unique curriculum: Permaculture for the Herbalist’s Path. She is the founder of the Herbal Clinic First Aid training program and has organized and worked disaster relief. Sarah is a passionate biophiliac, educator and mentor.

TFG Picture.png

Patrick Vernuccio, known as “The Frenchie Gardener” on Instagram, is an Urban Gardener based in Berlin. He transformed his 18 sqm balcony into a green jungle in which he is growing organic seasonal vegetables & fruits. He waited 36 years to plant his first seed and is now advocating to welcome back Nature into our cities and our lives, to recreate this essential connection with food, seasons & ecosystems. Patrick is spreading Green Love through his successful instagram channel, writing for gardening magazines, teaching online gardening class and is certified of Permaculture Design Course. His first book has been released and a second is on the way.


Eduardo Terzidis is a permaculture teacher and consultant, a yoga teacher, a writer and a facilitator for healing and regenerative spaces. As an engineer, he wanted to help the world, yet he felt the need to “be out there”, learning and sharing with the very people who seek the same change he envisioned. Today he helps people to design and implement regenerative solutions. His work ranges from holistic design services for both rural and urban projects (which include food production, resource management, animals as well as work on groups and visions), teaching courses, using permaculture as a tool to help individuals find their life mission and offering retreats where he weave principles of yoga, permaculture and deep ecology. At the core of his work is the understanding that global change needs to be carried from the inside out, recognising the intricate web of which we are part and being able to play our role in support of all life.



1099 euros if booked before 1st of May

Tuition will include:

– 72+ hour Permaculture Design Certification course + certificate upon completion
– Herbal Studies
– Personal Development and Earth Spirituality
– Course content and materials, all lectures, forums, and activities
– Student manual
– Three vegetarian meals per day plus coffee, tea and snacks.
– Includes all course content, materials, and activities

Want to join?

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