Online Introduction to Permaculture

27th October - 18th November 2022 (bookings open now!!)

With Sarah Wu, Patrick Vernuccio (The Frenchie Gardener) and Eduardo Terzidis

This one unique Online Introduction to Permaculture Design Course will be delivered through a series online interactive meetings (see full schedule below) and will get you started on your permaculture journey! 

All classes are recorded and no online presence is required. Recordings will be accessible for one year!! Students can follow the course at their own pace and according to their own time zone.

What our students say

"Just amazing: Inspiring, passionate, enthusiastic, knowledgable, open to anything, helpful... thank you!!!"

Mia from Germany


Course Overview

Building soil – Building community – Building resilience

We designed this Online Introduction to Permaculture Course to be easy and accessible for everyone to be able to begin gathering an understanding of what permaculture is. During the course, our international faculty will guide you through the basics of permaculture, covering all you need to know to confidently start making the first steps into this world! Thw course is open to everyone, beginners and non! 


Program & Schedule

Classes will be held on Zoom  from 7 to 8.30 pm CET. Note that all lessons are recorded and no live presence is required for you to receive the certificates!

Our Online Introduction to Permaculture Course, will be divided in 7 modules:



Date: 27-10-2022 at 7 pm CET

Facilitated by Eduardo Terzidis

During this module we will cover the basics of permaculture, understanding its context, philosophy, ethics and principles. This module will be dedicated to exploring the whys of permaculture and setting the foundations for your future learning.



Date: 28-10-2022 at 7 pm CET

Facilitated by Sarah Wu

Understanding and recognising natural patterns means understanding the language of the ecosystems we are part of. Sarah will teach you how to recognise patterns in natural ecosystems and apply them to your designs. Moreover, you will explore how natural patterns can be applied to your own daily life.


Date: 03-11-2022 at 7 pm CET

Facilitated by Eduardo Terzidis

The third module will allow you to begin having an understanding of soil science, understanding how to read your soil and develop regenerative strategies for its regeneration. This module will cover: Soil Biology, Soil Composition, Soil Classification, Nutrients, Visual and Chemical Soil Assessment, Strategies for Soil Regeneration.


Date: 04-11-2022 at 7 pm CET

Facilitated by Sarah Wu

Every project is initiated by people, hence setting up solid foundations when it comes to group dynamics and communication is crucial for the successful development of your ideas and dreams. A few examples of the topics you may touch are: Non-violent Communication, The work that reconnects, Decision Making, Conflict Resolution, Sociocracy, Project Management. 


Date: 10-11-2022 at 7 pm CET

Facilitated by Patrick Vernuccio

This module will bring you through the hows and whys of urban permaculture. As built environments are areas where most people live as well as the main sources of pollution, they present a great potential for the development of revolutionary solutions! During this module you will learn about food production, resource management and alternative social movements linked to the built environment.


Date: 11-11-2022 at 7 pm CET

Facilitated by Patrick Vernuccio

The art of compost is an essential part of regenerative practices. With Patrick, you will explore the world of compost, understanding how to turn biomass into fertile soils and close loops! In this module you will explore the chemistry as well as the practical applications of making compost.


Date: 18-11-2022 at 7 pm CET

Facilitated by Patrick Vernuccio, Sarah Wu and Eduardo Terzidis

This is an opportunity for students to connect with all the teachers and ask both general and specific questions about the course, regenerative lifestyle and their home gardens and permaculture projects.



Just 99 euros!!!

Prices include:

- Access to all interactive lectures of the Online Introduction to Permaculture Course

- Recordings of the lessons

The faculty

Sarah Wu

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Sarah Wu is a clinical herbalist of 20 years and a practicing permaculturist for near a decade. She facilitates learning with a planetary perspective on natural medicine, integrating large scale systems such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as diverse folk traditions and ethnobotany, with a foundation in Deep Ecology and modern Witchcraft. Sarah has participated in and taught 25+ Permaculture Design Courses, annually curates six simultaneous stages of educational and spiritual content for Envision Festival as well as the Village Witches experience, and has developed a 150- hour unique curriculum: Permaculture for the Herbalist’s Path. Founder of the Envision Festival Herbal Clinic training program and has organised and worked herbal clinic relief. Sarah is a passionate biophiliac, educator and mentor. Check Sarah's website here!

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Patrick Vernuccio

Known as “The Frenchie Gardener” on Instagram, is an Urban Gardener based in Berlin. He transformed his 18 sqm balcony into a green jungle in which he is growing organic seasonal vegetables & fruits. He waited 36 years to plant his first seed and is now advocating to welcome back Nature into our cities and our lives, to recreate this essential connection with food, seasons & ecosystems. Patrick is spreading Green Love through his instagram channel, writing for gardening magazines, teaching online gardening class and is currently writing his first book on urban gardening which will be published in February 2022. Visit his website here


Eduardo Terzidis

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