Practical Advanced Course In Permaculture

30th Lug - 07th Aug 2022

Regen Habitat

Palombaio (BA), Italy

With Giuseppe Sannicandro, Marco Matera & Eduardo Terzidis

9 days of immersion, getting your hands dirty and putting knoledge in to practice



Do you want to gain more practical permaculture experience? This 9-day Practical Permaculture Advanced Course is an excellent follow-up to a Permaculture Design Course.
Join our experienced team of instructors while we practice together and share what we’ve learned over the years.

If you’ve taken a Permaculture Design Course, you know that this skill set has the potential to change the world. However, for most of us one 72-hour class isn’t enough to really deeply embed this knowledge into all our practices.


Who is this practical permaculture course for?

This Practical Advanced Course in Permaculture is aimed at all those people who have participated in a PDC and are passionate about this discipline.

Whether your first permaculture project went well or ran into a few snags, this course is the perfect next step as we will go beyond what is usually taught in the standard 72-hour curriculum.

It is also a great course for people who want to improve their active learning path as a permaculture designer and who want to integrate new knowledge so that they can offer better design to their customers, friends, acquaintances.

On a mission with @benson_jack_anthony to gather biomass for our banana circle!! Banana ci

What you will learn


You will have the chance to gain experience on the following topics:

  • Agroforestry & Regenerative Agriculture

  • Appropriate Technology

  • Social and Personal Permaculture.

In addition to the theoretical part, the course will also be enriched by further practical workshops, testimonials, discussions, documentaries, films and evening insights.

Teacher: Marco Matera

Through this module you will dive deep into the world of people and project management. Every project is initiated by people, hence setting up solid foundations when it comes to group dynamics and communication is crucial for the successful development of your ideas and dreams. Topics will include: Non-violent Communication, The work that reconnects, Decision Making, Conflict Resolution, Sociocracy, Project Management.

Teacher: Giuseppe Sannicandro

This module will be an in depth immersion in the world of trees and tree systems that range from landscape regeneration and reforestation to the establishment of perennial and forest-like food systems. Topics will include: Trees and their patterns, Natural Succession, Tree species for design, How to design a tree system, How to implement a tree system, How to maintain a tree system. 

Teacher: Eduardo Terzidis

This module will give you the opportunity to experiment with strategies and technologies that allow you to “capture and store energy” in order to create abundance.

  • Topics will include: Introduction to Appropriate Technology: context, examples and approach

  • Grey water systems: introduction, theory and hands on workshop building a grey water system

  • Human waste: Black water, compost toilets, theory and hands on workshop building a biogas digestor

  • Solar Energy: Introduction and hands on workshop assembling a solar system.


The Venue

Regen Association is based in Puglia, Italy, officially registered in 2019. Even though its members are running activities since 2012 In Palombaio (Bari, Italy) we have an educational and demonstration center that runs agricultural projects and trainings. Regen runs a wide range of activities in the field of environmental issues, climate change, permaculture, soil regeneration, agroforestry and natural farming, and social inclusion. These activities are carried out by the organisation of courses, workshops, trainings, local and international public events, and hosting volunteers. The association is also enriched with the collaboration of many volunteers and active supporters from Italy and the rest of Europe.

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Giuseppe Sannicandro - The principal facilitator for this training will be Giuseppe Sannicandro (Italy), co-founder of Naumanni Association, Regen Association and tutor for Permaculture Diploma, recognised by the Italian Permaculture Academy (Accademia Italiana di Permacultura).

He graduated in Philosophy with a thesis about the De-growth Movement and one about Ecology, and he obtained a Degree in Permaculture Design in Tenerife in 2015. Since 2012 he studies designs and teaches Permaculture in Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Slovenia, Spain, Uganda and Brasil.

He designs and offers consultancies for multifunctional farms, eco-villages and urban permaculture projects among others. Moreover, he organises and teaches PDCs (certified 72 hour Permaculture Design Course), as well as courses and workshops about water management, key-line design, earthworks, soil improvement, regenerative agriculture, gardening, agroforestry and food forest.


Marco Matera - Trainer, facilitator, permaculture teacher. After completing the PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate), he worked as an assistant teacher, participated in various Transition Training and Facilitation courses, certified himself as a permaculture teacher at Akadamie Permakultury in the Czech Republic and enjoys a lot of urban and social permaculture. He is co-founder of the online magazine Permaculture & Transizione, he was a member of the Board of Trustees of the Earthworks Trust UK, and holds the position of Ambassadors at the Permaculture Association UK. Now he trains Permaculture teachers and cultivates Active Hope.

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Eduardo Terzidis - Eduardo is a permaculture teacher and consultant, a yoga teacher, a writer and a facilitator for healing and regenerative spaces. As an engineer, he wanted to help the world, yet he felt the need to “be out there”, learning and sharing with the very people who seek the same change he envisioned. Today he helps people to design and implement regenerative solutions. His work ranges from holistic design services for both rural and urban projects (which include food production, resource management, animals as well as work on groups and visions), teaching courses, using permaculture as a tool to help individuals find their life mission and offering retreats where he weave principles of yoga, permaculture and deep ecology. At the core of his work is the understanding that global change needs to be carried from the inside out, recognising the intricate web of which we are part and being able to play our role in support of all life.


Early bird ticket: (first 10 applicants) € 570 euro

Full price ticket: €600


Registration includes:

  • Full accommodation (Accommodation is Camping – please bring your own tent, sleeping bag and mat and torch.)

  • Catered meals

  • Access to showers and facilities

  • All materials for practical workshops

  • Opportunity to spend time on a permaculture site. You will experience what it means to implement a Permaculture project and maintain it!

  • Stunning surroundings and beautiful places to visit on your free time

Indoor Accomodation
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